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Mr. Mudit Agarwaal

An MBA from Narsee Monjee University in Mumbai – India, is the Managing Director at Advaitaa Group. He comes from a business family having its roots in the era of British India.

Besides being a successful Entrepreneur, he has always been very passionate about the ancient Indian Scriptures and knowledge. By the grace and blessings of God, he started meditation at an early age of 10 and received divine healing & psychic abilities by the age of 12.

He is a certified Reiki Grandmaster, Karuna Reiki Master, Magnified Healing Master, Pranic Healing Master, Prarthna Dhyan Master, Scientific Vaastu & Feng Shui Consultant & Trainer, Bio Etheric Healing Master, Cosmic Healing Practitioner, Clinical Hypnosis Practitioner & Trainer, & Past Life Regression Master & Trainer.

In the field of Vaastu, Mr. Mudit Agarwaal is an Expert with an experience of over eighteen years and has 1000+ satisfied clients from across the globe. To generate highly accurate readings, he uses the latest in technology energy reading equipment along with his intuitive abilities (clairvoyance & clairsentience) and in-depth knowledge on this subject.

He has also studied the Holy Vedantic Scriptures by undergoing a 2 year residential training program by Chinmaya Mission. His other interests include Photography, Music, Travel, & other Adventure Sports.

“There are more than 40 other factors besides Vaastu that affect a Home or Work Place. Vaastu and Beyond is an attempt to create that awareness and also help people understand, why Vaastu doesn’t always work.”
Mudit Agarwaal, CEO Vaastu & Beyond

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Eight Major Energy Blockages/Issues that can affect a Land or Property


Vaastu Shastra is a vast and ancient science of living. The word Vaastu is derived from the Sanskrit root “Vaas” which means to reside. It is not in equivalent of the word Architecture, Vaastu is architecture and much more & is fundamentally based on the utilization of the energy flow around the earth.

Energy of all 18 Directions

This is the Energy flow from all the 16 Directions + Energy from Space & Earth. Each Direction has a vital role to play, that is why it is advised to have a square or rectangular plot/apartment instead of a property that is cut at odd angles.

Earth Energies

There are Multiple Energies Emanating from the Earth itself like – Geopathic Stress, Ley Lines, Curry Lines, Hartmann Lines, Shumann Waves, etc. (discovered by scientists) that if present, adversely affects us on a daily basis. These negative energies tend to create multiple health issues for the residents of that zone.

Brahmasthaan Energies

Brahmasthaan is like the Heart of any Location and needs to always be healthy. Ideally the energy readings of this area must be +70% for a healthy Home or Workplace. A positively balanced Brahmasthaan can automatically correct major Vaastu Faults in location.

Dark Energies/Entities

Generally used in conjunction with Black Magic where an evil spirit or entity is sent to enhance the damage. Rarely unless the Location is next to a Crematorium or Accident prone zone, the spirits may enter your premises. A home affected by Dark Energies will slowly loose it’s warmth and the residents will always appear Stressed, Depressed or Angry.

Negative Vortexes

A Negative Energy Vortex is like a hurricane that sucks out all the positive energies of the location. It also acts as a portal for spirits and evil entities to move around. A Single Negative Vortex itself can greatly diminish the energy levels of a particular location.

Effects of Evil Eye

Evil Eye is nothing but a harmful effect caused due to powerful negative thoughts/energy directed intentionally/unintentionally towards a person.  It may cause serious harm to Health, Wealth, Peace & Harmony for the people living in the affected Property.

Effects of Black Magic

Unfortunately, some people still practice the dark arts of Black Magic or Witch Craft to intentionally harm a person’s Morale, Health, Success, Relationship, Financial Status Etc. A property affected by BM may be the best in all other aspects including Vaastu but the residents still end up suffering due to the extreme negativity directed towards them.

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Scientific Root Cause Analysis & Permanent Solution.

At Vaastu and Beyond, we offer a detailed and scientific understanding of not just Vaastu but many other factors that affect the Home or Workplace everyday. This is why a lot of times one may feel, despite having done the Vaastu corrections based on the guidance of consultants, the results were not as expected.

We also provide energy analysis based on various other parameters besides Vaastu to help identify the root problem affecting that individual or their premise. An example of before and after energy readings are depicted on the right side for your reference.

We also offer a unique, permanent, easy to use, lifetime solution for all of the major problems affecting a premise. The solution – a Device, was created in Jan 2018, by my master, after through experimentation and multiple tests conducted by experts in this field. Currently we have more than 120 homes and offices across the Globe where this Device was successfully installed and changed the lives of the people living there.


What People Are Saying


“Mudit Agarwaal has an immensely captivating and serene personality. He has a good command over the knowledge of spiritual sciences. He knows the knack of explaining complex terms in an uncomplicated and logical manner, which sets him apart from the rest. Following his guidance on certain Vaastu issues in my office has yielded good results”.

– Mr. Sanjay Patil
C.M.D. Markolines Traffic Controls Pvt. Ltd.
(Mumbai, India)


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